Great brand stories start, they say, with meeting an unmet need!

In Tryst Gourmet’s case, the need was a lack of a great place to eat on ECR (East Coast Road).  And it was met by Samia and Omar Sait. With a café that offered fresh-baked breads, pastries and desserts, as well as dishes that were made with the family’s own recipes.  Launched in 2010, the café soon became a landmark for the residents of ECR as well as those who drove to ECR just to experience the warmth and authenticity of the hosts. By 2013-14, the decision was made to take tighter control of the quality and freshness. From then on, everything has been made in-house. From the breads and pastries to the frozen food, sausages and broths. The common thread that ran through all the offerings was the unstinting focus on giving nothing but the best. And being generous with it. Satisfying portions that have no fillers, preservatives or unpronounceable chemicals. 


The frozen food range that started with lasagna soon expanded to burger patties, chicken nuggets, and unique offering like the shepherd’s pie. With the launch of online retailing, foodies from all around Chennai can revel in the deliciousness that is Tryst Gourmet.

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The thinking

There’s a very simple, yet powerful mantra that helps us keep the standards at Tryst Gourmet at the highest level.  We wouldn’t sell anything that we wouldn’t feed to our own children.  That explains the carefully selected ingredients, the attention to the smallest details, the complete avoidance of fillers, preservatives or chemicals. Our customers have always been our inspiration (and in some cases, our most honest critics). Thanks to the very personal touch and loyal relationships that have been built over the years, suggestions and feedback have been instrumental in new introductions and launches. We aim to keep this feeling of community in whatever we do, and will be expanding this philosophy to our online presence as well.


Tryst Gourmet’s food is cooked just as it is at home. Every ingredient that goes in comes from select, trusted suppliers with whom we have long-term relationships. By making everything in small batches, we can keep strict control on every aspect of the production. And, as a happy bonus, it also leads to a zero-waste process. By very rapidly cooling the cooked food, Tryst Gourmet is able to eliminate the formation food pathogens and lock in the nutrients. Making it a healthier option. Owning and keeping control of the cold chain ensures that the appropriate temperatures are maintained at every step.

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