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Created by the Mughals, Perfected by my Grand Mother, 

The Shami kebab isn't just a side dish in our home, its a time capsule; from the gentle resistance of the crust, to the melt in your mouth texture, to the bursting flavor, every bite takes you back to a simpler time.  

Blast frozen to keep all its nutrition and flavor locked in. 

Great as a side dish, or as a starter for dinner parties 

  • Gluten Free 
  • 100% natural 
  • Fully Cooked 
  • high in Protien
  • ready in minutes  

Contains no MSG, preservatives or artificial flavors.

Pro tip: Two shami Kebab sandwiched between two slices of bread with a little mint chutney and raw onion will change your life.  

10pcs x30g

Cooking Instructions: 

Air Frier:

Pre heat to 200 degrees, place shami kebabs in basket and cook for 10 mins, flipping half way through

Shallow Fry: 

In a thick bottom pan, heat oil on medium low (2-3mins)

place shami kebabs individually in oil and allow to heat through (5-7 min) - flipping occasionally  

Reduce cook time if defrosted, 

to defrost leave in fridge over night - Do not refreeze 


 Keep frozen - store in resealable pack once opened 

If defrosted consume within 3 days 


Beef, All, Egg, Spices 

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