Classic favourites made easy. Made with hand-selected, fresh ingredients using our family recipes. No preservatives or fillers. Hygienically quick-frozen to seal in nutrition.  Smartfood is the most fun way to play chef.
The Anytime GO-TO snack of Choice - these crunchy, bite-sized treats are made purely from chicken breast. Deliciously savory and Juicy, with a perfect crust made from homemade panko crumbs. Made in small batches and formed by hand to ensure bursting...
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Sink your teeth right into this juicy, Wholesome all meat chicken patty.  Made with whole cuts of chicken breast and thigh meat, each patty is weighed individually and carefully shaped by hand. Seasoned with a simple blend herbs and spices, these delicious patties...
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A Chicken broth so simple and complete, you will wonder how you ever lived without it.  Created with over worked parents in mind, this broth encompasses everything the tryst smart food brand stands for: SIMPLE & CLEAN Nutrition available quickly.  Made...
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Italian Style Meatballs, made with 100% chicken breast and thigh meat and Parmesan Cheese.  Gently seasoned with Italian herbs and spices. Flame broiled before being blast frozen to lock in all the Juicy goodness.   Appetizer or snack, or add to...
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BEEF BROTH (500ml)
Take your culinary adventures to greater heights! simple yet deep in flavor, our slow cooked bone broth is 100% natural. Gently simmered with fresh vegetables and herbs. perfect for sipping, this liquid gold adds rich flavor as a base for curries,...
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Fix yourself the absolute classic, fresh, juicy hamburger that packs in the right punch with a succulent all Meat burger patty. Seasoned only with a simple blend of herbs and spices to showcase the absolute quality and superior flavor of the...
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Italian Style Meatballs, made with 100% beef meat and Parmesan Cheese.  Gently seasoned with Italian herbs and spices. Flame broiled before before being blast frozen to lock in all the Juicy goodness.   Appetizer or snack, or add to your...
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Created by the Mughals, Perfected by my Grand Mother,  The Shami kebab isn't just a side dish in our home, its a time capsule; from the gentle resistance of the crust, to the melt in your mouth texture, to the...
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Crunchy and juicy hand Cut strips of chicken breast, marinated overnight in lightly seasoned buttermilk and hand coated in the perfect mixture of spices and cornflakes. The flavors are simply outstanding all thanks to Mom.  Enjoy this delightful snack as finger food,...
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The all time Favorite gets a meaty tangy upgrade. Trysts home made chicken Bolognese tops off our cheesy yummy  pizza. The blend of crumbly mozzarella cheese and meaty sauce on our handmade pizza base in truly magical.  No longer do...
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Gently Seasoned, this 100% all meat chicken Sausage is made from cuts of chicken breast and thigh meat. Delicious in every bite, The only chicken sausage on the market that has not Fillers, nitrates, Stabilizers or preservatives. 100% Guilt free. Gluten...
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Our Chicken Shami kebab is a twist on the original, a lighter version thats skimps on calories but not on flavor. made the traditional way, bursting with homely goodness, the Shami kebab is not only a quick and easy way...
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Made from 100% white meat, our chicken tikka is a treat thats ready in minutes. long marinated in the same recipe used at home since we were kids. A little spicy, a little juicy, always hits the spot  perfect as...
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From Madras to the world, chicken 65 has been one of our city's most popular exports for decades. Ready from you freezer to plate in about 10 minutes our wings are marinated for 24 hours in a simple marinade that...
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An absolutely delicious and flavor packed family recipe of sautéed corn and spinach in a rich, creamy cheese sauce. Serve with a side salad or a slice of garlic bread for a complete nutritious meal  Complete Meal Ready in Minutes ...
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MAC & CHEESE (450g)
Nothing says comfort food like a warm, saucy mac and cheese. This ultimate classic is made with macaroni in an irresistible cheese sauce and topped with more cheese. This yummilicous dish is ideal for any time of the day for...
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If you crave a balanced meal, then look no further. This shepherd’s pie is a treat to the palate while being a big boon to your diet. When minced meat meets creamy mashed potatoes in a flavorful gravy, you know there’s going...
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A fun twist to the original! Our lighter version of Shepherd’s Pie is made with chicken. A perfectly balanced meal, this meaty pie is highly nutritious and is a wonderful option for a quick hearty and wholesome meal. Throw in some...
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VEG BROTH - (VEGAN) (500ml)
Made in small batches to ensure freshness, flavor and consistency, this broth is made with farm-fresh vegetables handpicked at the peak of ripeness to ensure a full body taste. A perfect base for soups, gravies, stews, Curries and so much...
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HUMMUS (200g)
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HUMMUS (200g)
Smooth, luxurious hummus is truly a gift to mankind. Low in calorie, easy on the palate and versatile to be a Dip,  sandwich Spread,in wraps and even a salad Dressing.  Our hummus is small batch prepared everyday, blended with home made...
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Trysts unique pesto begins with picking fresh home grown organic basil leaves, high quality roasted cashews and almonds, blended together with a locally sourced Parmesan Cheese and olive oil to to create a simple paste that's gorgeous in taste and...
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A delightful twist on a Classic, Trysts Chicken Bolognese is a lighter version of our classic Raghu sauce. Made  lean chicken mince, tomato sauce, simple Italian spices and the same tender loving care as the original, with all the same...
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Our olive tapenade is made with a combination black and green Olives, the natural spiciness showcases our commitment to using only the highest quality of ingredients. use as a bruschetta topping, sandwich spread, Dip, to zing up your entree or...
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Bold, savory flavors of fresh herbs and spices, tangy plump tomatoes come together in this Magical sauce. No longer do you have to prep, cook and clean. Just open the bottle and Pour  100% guilt free, made with real ingredients no additives,...
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