CHIA SEEDS - 100 g
. Chia Seeds are an easy way to add good nutrients to your diet, Versitile enough te added to breakfast cereals, Smoothes, Protien Shakes and even made in to Chapatis  Rich in Omega 3 Rich in B vitamins  Rich in...
Rs. 180.00
FLAX SEEDS - 100 g
Flax Seeds are known for their high fiber content, helping the digestive system.  Rich in Omega 3, Omega 6 and Omega 9 fatty acids  Rich in Protien  Helps Lower Cholesterol 
Rs. 80.00
High in nutritional Value, and great for your immune system. These tasty Sunflower seeds are great as a snack, In salads and even baking.  Known to Lower Risk of High Blood Pressure   known Lower risk of Heart Disease  reduces inflammation ...
Rs. 120.00
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