A delicious meal in minutes. Made just as it is in the family kitchen, with no preservatives or fillers. Hygienically quick-frozen to seal in nutrition. Just heat and dig in.

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If you crave a balanced meal, then look no further. This shepherd’s pie is a treat to the palate while being a big boon to your diet. When minced meat meets creamy mashed potatoes in a flavorful gravy, you know there’s going...
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An absolutely delicious and flavor packed family recipe of sautéed corn and spinach in a rich, creamy cheese sauce. Serve with a side salad or a slice of garlic bread for a complete nutritious meal  Complete Meal Ready in Minutes ...
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A fun twist to the original! Our lighter version of Shepherd’s Pie is made with chicken. A perfectly balanced meal, this meaty pie is highly nutritious and is a wonderful option for a quick hearty and wholesome meal. Throw in some...
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Created by the Mughals, Perfected by my Grand Mother,  The Shami kebab isn't just a side dish in our home, its a time capsule; from the gentle resistance of the crust, to the melt in your mouth texture, to the...
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MAC & CHEESE (450g)
Nothing says comfort food like a warm, saucy mac and cheese. This ultimate classic is made with macaroni in an irresistible cheese sauce and topped with more cheese. This yummilicous dish is ideal for any time of the day for...
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The all time Favorite gets a meaty tangy upgrade. Trysts home made chicken Bolognese tops off our cheesy yummy  pizza. The blend of crumbly mozzarella cheese and meaty sauce on our handmade pizza base in truly magical.  No longer do...
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