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As someone who is all about convenience when it comes to feeding the family, Tryst café not only stocks a lot of excellent staples, they also have their own brand of pre-made foods. Their chicken nuggets, beef burger patty and pizza sauce are a constant staple at my house. All the products are always taste like home. Procuring products and stocking them is one skill, but providing a warm customer experience is a whole another skill. Samia is the queen of this. During her busiest days and hours, she takes my messages, prepares the order, sends it PERSONALLY. I have recommended Tryst to many friends and family for their variety of produce and their wonderful customer care.
Dr. Pavithra Venkatagopalan - Mother of 2
Did I say Yummy? YES! The products in this market are fresh, natural and delicious. Samia has done a great job! The store is well stocked and SUPER clean!!! I know I will find everything under one roof. Love their no preservation food selection with good prices. The meat counter is one of the best in the city
Kashish Ahuja - mother of twins
My go-to gourmet store. Especially fresh breads, cakes or ready to eat food. Their hummus, sun-dried tomato paste and broths are my pantry essentials! Ideal place to discover new brands – especially for vegan, dairy-free and mock-meat options.
Mani - Serial Tech entrepreneur

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